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The Dylan Project

During the summer of 2016, we were walking and discussing about what we wanted WiseFee to be, when we found a dog. He was malnourished to such an extent that you could feel his ribs poking out when you cuddled him.

It was obviously clear that he had been abandoned and was suffering hunger for weeks. Still, he had the sympathy and innocence to approach humans again. We would realize later on that he was most likely thrown out of a car, left to die in the middle of nowhere in the south of Spain, where temperatures reach up to 44 degrees in July.

Leaving the dog where we found it was never an option. We knew there was no way out for him. He literally had nothing, not even a bit of water to drink. The only thing he had left was his life. For being less than one year old, he had already experienced what abandonment and loneliness is. Adding indifference to his situation would have being lethal. As Bob Dylan sings, we said “come in, we´ll give ya shelter from the storm”. We took him home with us.

The original plan was to help him recover and then find a family for him. The first part of the plan was a success but in the second we failed pretty badly. Not because finding a family for him was difficult, but because we had become this family in the meantime. He is still with us as we write this in 2019. His name is Dylan.

We are still not sure who copied the hair style of who

Our commitment

A research made by Fundación Affinity shows that 137.782 cats and dogs were taken to shelters in Spain during 2016. Only 18% of them were given back to their families. The number of abandoned cats and dogs might be even greater than we believe, since lots of them die before they are rescued by the shelters.

At WiseFee we are worried about the situation that many cats and dogs live. That is why for every week of course booked using a WiseFee voucher, we will donate 2€ to a dog shelter.